11 February 2021

[Customs] Mazda RX-7 Black Trio

Another one, as part of many in due future, from the backlog bin of customs. I had this idea of wheelswapping the black NGK livery with a set of wheels, but had 3 wheels I couldn't decide between.... so I went ahead and put them on all 3 leftover RX-7s I kept all this time I admittedly forgotten about.


[Customs] Mazda RX-7 blue WSP Swap

It has been a while. Life has been nothing but distractions one after another. Customizing Hot Wheels has been an increasingly meaningless hobby to me for the past 5 years. It doesn't feel nearly as rewarding as it once was. But to be fair, life was different back then. My values and priorities were much different when I was still only working a part-time job with no bigger life aspirations. Modifying toy cars was a means for me to express what or how an existing car could appear even cooler than before. Throughout the years, I stretched myself thin by coming up with any idea whenever I looked at a particular casting and saving it for later when I had time to see this idea come to fruition. A backlog of toy cars was piling up to the point where not one- but two boxes were filling up, and projects were not being executed due to an ongoing procrastinating attitude I still have to this day. One of my goals this year was to re-evaluate what are in these boxes to cancel some of these ideas. Some of these projects do have some wild imaginative ideas I still want to see the finished product, while some were being held simply because I didn't want to let go of its potentially lost collector value. I've pulled many out of the queue and will be sold off later this year, but have decided to hang onto the really special ideas, and to complete some of the cooler castings such as this.

[Customs] Datsun 240Z Mystery Model

The deco and colour scheem are great. It's definitely not the first we've seen Mattel do cranberry red with gold wheels, but who can complain? It works. What doesn't is the absence of painted lamps. Not to worry- I've taken care of that.

The grills and even the holes and lights underneath the bumper could be easily missed when the casting lacks the details. this plus the silver bumper brings it all together.