8 February 2013

[Art] 1 Hour Drawing? How about 3?

 Was talking to a friend last night and the topic of drawings arised. I can't recall the exact conversation, but I think it went along the lines of:

"Draw something or I'll dislocate your right pinky finger! You have one hour!"

Knowing how much I cherish my right pinky finger, I got straight to work! Was contemplating whether I should draw a manga character portrait or a car. Remembering that one promise I made to the world which only one single person recognized, I went off to draw a cartoon car. What I drew previously can be found here. I promised to draw the 2013 SRT Viper, but thing with new cars is that they are difficult - if not impossible - to portray in an expressive way, even if its a caricature. So with that, I settled on drawing a muscle car.

The decision was greatly influenced over the years of this dude who would crap on other people's work like a pigeon to a statue. I could link you guys to his DeviantART account, but I'll protect his identity because I'm such a good friend (believe it). The car of choice is actually not even a real car per se, it's a quote en quote "original" design by Criterion Games' (developer of Burnout Paradise) design crew who combined the front end of a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner with the rear of a 1971 Dodge Charger, and called it the Annihilator Street Rod.

It's done from a ballpoint pen start-to-finish. Shading large bodies of value still sucks when using a pen. Call me amazing for going through with it anyway.

The twist to this is that I in fact spent 3 hours to draw this. My right pinky in still in tact since my friend hasn't come to attack me yet. Must be the snow storm we got. Thank god!

Before I forget, I do in fact have a DeviantART account. It's jumbled in there and a lot of it is pretty iffy. But I'm likely not going to post previous work here all that often so if you want to visit my gallery, click here.


  1. I knew you were going to school for artsy stuffs, but I had no idea that you were this talented! :O

    I would draw cars every chance I'd get when I was younger. My mom actually said as soon as I could hold a pencil, I was drawing cars. Strangely though as a CAD student myself with good visualization skills, I cannot draw a car at a three dimensional angle to save my ass.

    1. Usually those who learn CAD and get comfortable with it don't practice drawing. A lot of peers I knew last year who were comfortable with Rhino, Solidworks or 3DS could make decent models, but they'd rage whenever they drew on paper. They just aren't related skills. One requires knowing how to use a software, the other requires you to train your brain to move your hand the way you want.

      Also, drawing on paper requires much more visualization skills than on CAD. In CAD, proper perspective is done for you, you only need measurements. With drawing, you have to be able to simulate perspective yourself.