24 October 2013

[Art] Embodiment of Humans

Embodiment of Human or Embodiment of Life. Have not decided on a final title.

The assignment was to compose a human body (using a previously drawn pose from class) keeping in mind how the background or whatever other elements will interact or create some kind of meaning.

I did a bit of "clustering", a fundamental strategy for creative writing and I ended up with something along the lines of the big bang theory and how it is suggested it was the start of the universe and possibly life on earth. I broke it down a little further and I had the idea how the stuff in the universe is essentially gases and dust, which then lead to me thinking about a nebula. Looked at photos and I was taken by how the clumps of gas simulated a solid form and I saw the possibility of connecting that to the human body (it's a life drawing class), how complex organisms we are were formed from the earth which was amass of gases and dust, so I decided to draw a clump of it with the forms of a human. I picked that pose because it depicted a freedom of movement or being (since there's no tangible boundary that hinder movement in a designated spot in space).

Black bristol board with chalk pastel. 6-7 hours. That background ain't even the colour of the paper!

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