18 February 2015

[Art] Sparing Some Time - Tooned Cosmo

Wowwee. After all the temporary eye blurring of being so focused on the paper,
it feels awesome when you finished a drawing you've carefully put together!

Today, I bring the first drawing of the year.

Just as I finished my assignment, having about 30 minutes of the day left,
the sketchbook was finally been opened. I was going to draw an old Jaguar
instead, but as I was trying to find the name, this Mazda Cosmo showed up.
Looked at it for a bit, and it started to look cooler and cooler. So there it is,
done entirely in Bic's ballpoint pen from start to finish, and it took about an hour.

I'd usually take a lot longer, so this is something good, but maybe it's because it's
a cartoon car so I had leniency on proportions. Anyway, I was drawing from this:

Source? Everywhere on the internet. Seriously.

What's next? Well, I was originally trying to come up with an alternate
look to Ranka Lee, but somehow cars took over again. That's what I plan
to draw next, though I'm going to need more practice on hands, nose and lips.