21 November 2015

[Crafts] Michael's 1/18 Display Cases

Made for a trio of baseballs, but also happens to fit 1:18 cars they said.

It's great that Michael's Craft Store had a clearance offering a buy one get one free at $39.99 each.
That's $20 for a case made with glass! Won't have to worry about scratching acrylic!

My only beef with this was that the thick borders cuts off the bottom side of the car when viewed at
a low angle. Well of course we could just simply straighten out our backs and see everything afterwards,
but to me, a presentation box shouldn't make it difficult to see what's inside - ever.

So I originally planned on raising the floor to be flush with the bottom edge!

Masonite was used to construct the wedged platform. Manufacturers should really take
note the slope really helps out in a display - even if it's for a lot of 3 baseballs.

Seems there is barely a presence. While the floor doesn't appear past the bottom edge, the front side
(side showing the car's profile) still dips below the edge. It would probably be best to double up on the height.

Both sides are now elevated; 1cm in the front, 3 cm in the back. Added a support rib in the
middle and covered up the side with paper, and finished it off with flat black paint.

The stack of washers happened to fit perfectly with the F40 so I'll keep it like so.
It's not the cleanest paintjob but the car is covering most of it anyway.

Looking good! How's it look with the lid?

We can see everything! It looks more like the base you'd find with higher end models!