28 November 2016

Ignition Nissan Fairlady Z S30 (Maroon vs Blue)

Maroon with TE37 wheels, Blue with Watanabe wheels

Despite sharing the same product name, there are a fair bit of differences between the model aside from the colour and wheels. As we already know, the Maroon was released at least a year earlier than the blue, the blue being released around September 2016. Let's see how much has changed since.

You can see the blue has two extra bumps on the bonnet; unsure if it had any practical use, but it looks more sporty!

The defrost grid is different. The blue also has a strut bar in the back whereas the maroon doesn't.
The maroon however has two small vents just at the bottom edge of the window.

Looking at the interior, most of it is different, if not all. The seats, steering wheel, and even the dashboard is different.

The blue's corner light is white, has a duct on the lower body panel at the front, and the fender flares as well as the mirrors have a gloss finish. I'm unsure if the latter was intentional. It doesn't seem likely someone would want a glossy finish on stock-paint bolt-on fenders.

Probably the biggest surprise for me was the fact the blue sports a lower ground clearance in the front. Who knows if that's a case of mine being defective. I wouldn't know until I can verify with another owner of this model.

The height is roughly the same in the back end. The duckbill wing on the blue is also done in a glossy finish. The exhaust pipe is also smoked out rather than having a stock finish. Before anyone asks, the rear cmaber is just about the same. I think I'm getting tired of that now.

I remember reading that Ignition 3D-scans people's tuned vehicles to start their models, but what I'm impressed by is that they didn't reuse the existing model to start production on the blue one. Judging by the interior, it's possible they've aimed at replicating another person's S30, one that is more tuned for street performance.