24 March 2013

[Customs] Key Organizer, Roll Out! Lamley Contest Submission

It's due! Contest submissions are due, people are frantically trying to finish up. For me, it's just blogging about it now. If you weren't aware of what this project was about, it's a key organizer made with the intentions of protecting my phone from scratches. This contest came around where I identified a possible issue with the new phone I was gifted. Progress was made and shared in a previous post, and contest details are here. The only rule to the contest was to customize a 1992 BMW M3. It left the room open to many interpretations, and hopefully there will be more people who thought of doing something more than just a painted car.

Here's the finished product:

Bare zamac, wite-out used as a base coat for all the detailing, sharpie marker used to fill in any colour and black. Wheels and kidney grill coloured with silver sharpie. Hole drilled through back windshield and chassis plate. The rear wheels had to be offset so the keys would fit inside. I tried not to over do it. It would've been easier if I sculpted a wide body kit and painted over it, but that's only if I painted the body.


That's the toy, and here are the keys:

and now finally, what it looks like with the keyring and external attachments.

Top 10, here I come!

Good luck to all contestants.

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