1 April 2013

[Art] Jumping In? I think not!

I wanted to squeeze in some drawing time to make the most out of the rest of my long weekend. I was about to draw yet another female character but then I stopped myself and went for a male character for once.

I connected the idea of the widely used internet meme "Kill Yourself" through the imagery of an open palm:

What's really neat about making a parody of this meme is that Gouken, a playable character from Street Fighter IV, has a special move that lets you utterly deny an attack from an opponent and sends them flying across the stage with a powerful counter-attack. That can be appropriated into the same message as the meme itself and I feel this will be a fun response pic for character discussions regarding him.

Done with pencil, scanned, highlight on right pecs, forehead and index finger as well as the gray overlay done on photoshop. 2-3 hours.

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