30 October 2014

[Customs] Retailer Buffs. Quick Work Has a New Name.

The struggle to get collection segments out of the house, and more basic cars have been pulled aside for some cosmetic touchups.
This post will cover some of the customs that got done earlier.

This doesn't look like I did anything. It's true, I barely did. I tried to lower it as much as possible. Casting restrictions said no.

Remember that hint left with that previous RR5SP 8 Crate about making another one? This was it!

Which one do you fancy?

They couldn't sell, but I didn't want it in the collection anymore. Seems like Retailer Buffs is
the last possible destination for any diecasts. Nevertheless, I like what I'm seeing.

The idea is there. Black GY5SP on a muscle. The proportions on the axle width probably killed it before it ever started.
The interior is taken from another Challenger. Still feels weak with the full racing livery it's got on.

This was not planned. This one was put together from scrap. About a month ago, I grabbed a countless number of
Designer Challenge cars, and stole their wheels. Felt it would be a waste to dump them all, so I pulled up this HW40
and quickly threw on something. 5SPs wouldn't be my first choice, but I happened to have two identical wheels
of the right sizes for this car. It was taken from the chrome HW Classics Shelby Cobra Daytona. I let that
sit for a while, and it seems to work. The redline wheels do it good with the green body. It gives it
an iconic Hot Wheels appearance. In that respect, 5SP are fairly appropriate!

The changes are subtle, but this is the core of retailer buffs. Trap5 don't cut it
for a Gallardo. PR5s have worked just fine on the other releases, so I've kept it
that way. As for the tampos, I thought it looked very goofy on the metalflake gray.
It looks a little better now, but it still feels like it's missing something. Hmm.