20 November 2014

[Customs] Retail Buffs pt.2

With the a growing trend of quick changes, I find it hard to complete any overhauls! Let's get right to it.

Liked the casting, didn't like the Corgi wheels. Solving that could not have been any easier.

Like the other HW40, I have an abundance of these guys and didn't want them to feel left out.

Found the remaining M3s to complete the set. Like the Bonneville, the M3 is what I call a
Retailer Buff Exclusive. With these two, I went for two images. One keeps a luxury
appeal, the other a street performance aesthetic.

Adding the Lincoln into the collection solely because it was a TH was a grave mistake.
The blue wheels and windows were the lowest points of the car and no one wanted it
even as a TH. I had this occupy desk space for several months until I found another one
with more desireable parts to swap in.

Nothing fancy here. Sport car with cool tampo design, but wheels I'm not fond of
and the lack of detailing were troubling me. So I've fixed that up a bit.

Honestly, this Monte Carlo didn't need a change that badly. 5SPs were fairly appropriate for its image,
but I've been on the brink of getting rid of it for a while, and I definitely did not want to go with black wheels.

Leaves much to be desired the more I look at it. The orange-lipped OH5 weren't very attractive,
but these don't seem to be doing any better. Perhaps a few more changes are in order.

I've managed to avoid the white one until they disappeared from store pegs, but I finally caved
with the red. The stock MC5 looked matching of the Trans-Am Cougars in old photos I found,
but I just couldn't escape the generic-toy image MC5s give off. These look much more fitting!

Wasn't planning on modding this one, but since I cleared out the rest of my 240Z other than the TH,
I figured I made as well have taken this out of the collection too. With these black 10SPs,
I'm grateful I did. The lowered height in combination of a contrasting silver rim do wonders.
I have to admit the original casting wasn't all too appeal, but lowering looks like a must for future customs.