28 February 2015

[Customs] Keyholder 2nd Attempt

Click on the pic for the story on that M3.
That was the first one I made, and it has been out of commission for over a year now.
Many mistakes were made, and this new project is an attempt to correct and see how it plays out.
Before getting to the new model, let's identify what came out of the first model:

1) Stripping the paint eliminated the possibility of revealing noticeable paint wear.
2) Any colour on the body or wheels are bound to come off even with clear coating.
3) The lack of a notch on the base makes it difficult to open up the container with one hand.
4) The location here the keyring is installed is vital. It should not intersect with an axle.
5) Finding a way to have the base hold itself to the body while being easy to open/close is important.

With these observations in mind, here's what I've come up with this time:

I picked a '70 Camaro for two reasons. It has the front spoiler which I can use
to pull the base off easily, and it's not a car that's commonly seen in my area.

I cheated with the keys. Those are still the same set of keys as last time, but
cutting off the sides was necessary if I wanted to keep the rollcage.

The is one of the biggest changes. I've attached magnets on both pieces to join the two together.
It's a classic technique even phone cases utilize today. It definitely works, though the
use of JB Weld is not what I call presentable. JB weld was the choice of epoxy because I favoured
the durability of the product. I'm thinking of epoxy and maybe a thin sheet of plastic
to cover it up so it would look more presentable next time.

The rollcage is something I could've easily passed up, but I took on the challenge since
it would prevent the interior view from the outside from looking like a sloppy hack.

The wheels have not been changed. They've worn out from a few weeks of use.
I'm thinking the next vehicle I choose should be one to sit well with black wheels.