28 July 2019

[Crafts] What do disassembled Ignition Models look like?

Diecast model cars explode the way we all expect them to: metal shell, plastic parts of various shapes and sizes. But have you ever wondered what resin models looks like on the inside? Sure you have. I'm taking one apart from Ignition. Unlike GT Spirit, these models don't have added weight, so they definitely feel cheaper in quality.

The seats are attached to an MDF base. How are the seats though?

The details are there where visible when peeking through the windows.

Piping is part of the base's one-piece thing. The muffler is an separate piece that is glued into place. The assembly of this may differ with other IG models though.

Axle on the front, no engine (obviously).

The silver piece in front is there so that you have an intercooler on the front-side. Notice that its a separate piece? This make it look much more realistic when you notice that gap between the intercooler and the mesh.

Individually mounted pieces on the back, so there is no axle unlike the front. It's good for getting negative camber, and adjusting ride height, but it's also subject to getting uniformity. I'm unsure what those silver screws are for at this time, but I guess it's to fasten the MDF insides to the resin shell?

Front axle is installed with a dab of rubber cement. That is so the wheels don't turn. The slot the hubs fit into is already snug, so all you have to do is pull.

I thought it was a nice touch that IG uses cardstock to conceal visibility of the insides when viewing the wheels from the outside.

After swapping the wheels on the white and purple R33, this is what I have now:

And let's move on to the photoshoot: